Dr. Anastasia Thöns


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  • MI2

    Optimized noise reduction in transportation and interior spaces

    Dr. Kersten Schmidt

    Project heads: Dr. Kersten Schmidt
    Project members: Dr. Anastasia Thöns
    Duration: -
    Status: completed
    Located at: Technische Universität Berlin


    The reduction of the excited noise of transportation, especially in gas turbines of airplanes and ships or mufflers of cars, is currently of major public and industrial interest. We aim to describe the effective absorption properties of sound absorbing resonator structures and perforated walls. As the governing equations and structures possess several scales, we study the problems asymptotically. In this project we derive and study approximative boundary and transmission conditions, that take into account the physical phenomena on the small scales inside the holes of the perforated absorber and the boundary layers in their neighbourhood.


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