"Feeling Like Math" Summer Schools

The "Feeling like Math" summer schools are an important element in the work of the Berliner Netzwerk mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlich profilierter Schulen (Berlin Network of Schools Distinguished in Mathematics and Science). They have been held in the tranquil and picturesque surroundings offered by the youth training center Blossin near to Berlin each year since 2001. Around 38 pupils belonging classes 11 to 12 in the network's partner schools work intensively on a mathematical subject in six small groups under the guidance of a scientist.

The pupils become acquainted with further elements of scientific work by giving a final presentation as well as a written report.

Teachers from the network schools also attend the summer school.

Both sides benefit from this hugely successful form of cooperation between secondary and higher education. The pupils experience an aspect of mathematics reaching out beyond school material, showing them how to undertake independent work. The teachers can deepen their knowledge of mathematics away from the strains of everyday school life and discuss mathematical issues with university lecturers. For their part, lecturers can gain insights from these contacts, which they can use for improving teacher training, especially its practical relevance.

You can find detailed information on the previous summer schools on the Homepage of the Summer School