We provide many of our innovative methods as software. The degree of maturity varies from development code to commercially distributed software packages.

Here, you will find an overview of software products related to the research activities of Matheon.

Further software products and information can be found on our website:

  • Software Short description Participating institution
  • AMIRA 3D visualization and modeling system with various features such as the generation of 3D surface models from raw image data, direct volume rendering and advanced vector field visualization, commercially distributed by Mercury Computer Systems Inc. ZIB
  • aws4SPM Toolbox for SPM (Welcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging) implementing structural adaptive smoothing for fMRI data. WIAS
  • COSMOS Web front end for a search algorithm for fast 3D data mining in large biomolecule data bases HU Berlin
  • El-Rambo Software package for nonlinear optimization problems HU Berlin
  • GELDA GEneral Linear Differential Algebraic equation solver TU Berlin
  • GENDA GEneral Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic equation solver  TU Berlin
  • GEOMS General Equations Of Motion Solver: numerical simulation of multibody systems TU Berlin
  • HyperPlan Complex software package for simulating and planning regional hyperthermia therapy, commercially distributed by Dr. Sennewald Medizintechnik GmbH and BSD Medical Corporation ZIB
  • ILUPACK Incomplete LU decomposition PACKage, software for solving large linear systems TU Berlin
  • Imaging with R A series of packages for R implementing structural adaptive smoothing algorithms for color images, functional MRI, DWI and more. WIAS
  • jcmSuite Software package for the solution of Maxwell's equations in the optical regime, commercially distributed by the spin-off company jcmWave GmbH ZIB
  • jReality Java class library for interactive 3D visualization on a wide variety of platforms TU Berlin
  • LDSL-tool Software for the simulation of longitudinal dynamics in semiconductor lasers WIAS
  • Lenné3D Software system for the modelling and visualization of vegetation, rural and urban landscape, and gardens, commercially distributed by the spin-off company Lenné3D GmbH ZIB
  • pdelib Toolbox for the solution of partial differential equations on the basis of the finite volume method and the finite element method WIAS
  • SCIP The currently fastest non-commercial mixed integer programming solver, providing also a framework for Constraint Integer Programming and branch-cut-and-price ZIB
  • SHIRA Skew Hamiltonian isotropic Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi, software for structured eigenvalue problems TU Berlin
  • solveDAE Matlab toolbox for the solution of arbitrary Differential Equations TU Berlin
  • SoPlex Implementation of the revised simplex algorithm, features primal and dual solving routines for linear programs and is implemented as a C++ class library that can be used with other programs ZIB
  • VPLAN General purpose tool for modeling, simulation, parameter estimation and optimum experimental design for processes which can be described by nonlinear DAE systems. HU Berlin
  • WIAS TeSCA Software for two and three dimensional semi-conductor analysis WIAS
  • WIAS-HiTNIHS A High Temperature Numerical Induction Heating Simulator WIAS
  • WIAS-QW Software for the simulation of strained multi quantum well structures WIAS
  • WIAS-SHarP Simulation and optimization software for laser and electron beam hardening WIAS
  • ZIMPL Language to translate the mathematical model of a problem into a linear or (mixed-) integer mathematical program readable by LP or MIP solvers. ZIB