Production Factor Mathematics

Since its founding in 2002, Matheon has been a creative and reliable partner for more than 100 companies from a wide range of industries.

We have been working closely together with representatives from the fields of automotive, logistics, medical technology, photonics and transport for many years.

Matheon supports you - even in other industries - in finding innovative solutions for sophisticated tasks which arise from your practical applications and to which mathematics can decisively contribute to their successful and efficient processing.

Innovation driver Matheon

Matheon itself is a strong brand with the highest international reputation in applied mathematics research.

More than 200 scientists are working on the development of new methods for the modeling, simulation and optimization of real processes in key technologies. They cooperate in numerous projects with large, small and medium-sized enterprises. They transfer software into products, register patents, and set up their own companies when a corresponding degree of maturity has been achieved.

Mathematics creates added value

Research and development are confronted with ever-shorter innovation cycles, increasingly complex technological systems and increasing demands on the quality of industrial products.

With their ability to abstract, create flexible models, as well as to develop simulation and optimization methods, mathematics opens up new possibilities,

  • to master the growing complexity,
  • react quickly to changing conditions,
  • and find new ways to solve the problem.

Thus, mathematics creates value in the form of theoretical knowledge, efficient algorithms and optimal solutions. This benefits not only the own community, but especially the users from science, business and society.

Matheon as a business partner

We support you,

  • to structure your problems and translate them into a formal quantitative model,
  • to carry out efficient simulations and thus to gain a deeper understanding of the problem,
  • to develop elegant and optimized solutions for your problems.

You benefit from

  • the expertise of our more than 200 scientists,
  • our software and patents,
  • the cooperation with Matheon-associated spin-off companies,
  • our excellent and appropriately trained junior staff.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for skilled workers.

You can publish your job offers for mathematicians on our job portal.

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