• Durch dieses Unternehmen wurde die 3D-Visualisierungs-Software Amira kommerzialisiert, die heute weltweit in zahlreichen FuE-Teams eingesetzt wird. Die Anwendungsgebiete sind u.a. Biologie, Medizin, Materialwissenschaften, Qualitätskontrolle, Physik, Geophysik, Konfokale Mikroskopie, MRI und CT-Scanner, FE-Analyse und numerische Strömungsberechnungen.

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  • Durch die Firma JCMwave GmbH wurde die Software JCMwave kommerzialisiert: eine leistungsfähige Finite-Elemente-Software zur Berechnung der Ausbreitung von elektromagnetischen Wellen, die beispielsweise für den gezielten Entwurf moderner nano-optischer Komponenten genutzt wird.

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  • Durch die Forderung nach einer permanenten Reduktion der Zeit für Entwicklung und Realisierung von Produktionssystemen kommt der Modellierung, Simulation, Optimierung und Regelung sowie der virtuellen Inbetriebnahme komplexer Produktionsprozesse eine immer wichtigere Bedeutung zu.

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Spin-off companies

Some of our innovative methods are commercially offered by spin-off companies after their development has reached a corresponding maturity level. For example, we can ensure professional care and support for software products.

Here, you will find an overview of companies that have been founded since the beginning of Matheon in 2002.

Meanwhile, some of these Spin-offs have become part of other companies

  • Firm Description Institution
  • 1000shapes GmbH This spin-off company of the Zuse Institute Berlin offers software and services for the development and use of statistical shape models. ZIB
  • atesio GmbH This spin-off of the Zuse Institute Berlin develops software components and offers services for planning, configuring, and optimizing telecommunication networks. ZIB
  • getLig&tar This spin-off of the Zuse Institute Berlin offers services in the field of drug design. It uses its technology platform to create a sustainable product pipeline for drug candidates with known targets and also for new drugs where no target protein but other therapeutic agents are known. ZIB
  • inbion GmbH This spin-off of the Freie Universität Berlin offers bioinformatics solutions for life sciences, ranging from technology transfer tasks, over to software implementations and contract research. FU Berlin
  • Indeed Visual Concepts (now part of Mercury Computer Systems Inc.) This spin-off of the Zuse Institute Berlin has commercialized the 3D data visualization software Amira, which is used by many R&D groups world-wide in diverse application fields such as biology, medicine, material science, quality control, physics, geophysics, confocal microscopy, MRI or CT scanners, FE analysis or computational fluid dynamics. The commercial version is distributed by Mercury Computer Systems Inc. ZIB
  • JCMwave GmbH This spin-off of the Zuse Institute Berlin has commercialized the software JCMwave, which offers powerful Finite Element software for the computation of electromagnetic wave propagation and can be used for the accurate design of modern nano-optical devices. ZIB
  • Lenné3D GmbH This spin-off of the Zuse Institute Berlin offers customized services and software products for the modeling and visualization of vegetation, rural and urban landscape, and gardens through real-time applications, animation and static images. ZIB
  • Löbel, Borndörfer & Weider GbR This spin-off of the Zuse Institute Berlin offers consulting and software solutions for the public transport, in particular for the optimization of time tables and integrated vehicle & duty scheduling. ZIB
  • molConcept GmbH This spin-off of Zuse Institute Berlin offers cost- and time-effective simulation in molecular- and drug design on the base of modern algorithms. ZIB
  • SynOptio GmbH This spin-off of the Technische Universität Berlin offers project management services, mathematical consulting and the development, distribution and maintenance of mathematical software (e.g. Matlab toolboxes, DAE-solver, ...). TU Berlin