• 15 Jahre Matheon -
    eine Erfolgsgeschichte

    Mathematik ist ein Schlüsselfaktor für Innovation. Mit diesem Credo ist das Forschungszentrum Matheon vor 15 Jahren angetreten, Technologien der Zukunft entscheidend mitzugestalten. Seither ist das Matheon mit seinem zukunftsweisenden Konzept der anwendungsorientierten Forschung über disziplinäre und institutionelle Grenzen hinweg eine Marke für mathematische Spitzenforschung auf Weltniveau.
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  • Matheon makes maths for...

    Clinical Research and Health Care

    Progress in medicine as well as biotechnology more than ever relies on progress in mathematics to complement traditional lab-based approaches.
    In close cooperation with medical doctors, engineers and pharmaceutical industry, Matheon successfully supports e.g. the design of patient-specific therapies, computer assisted surgery planning like implant design and systems biology.
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  • Matheon makes maths for...

    Metropolitan Infrastructure

    Transportation, communication, energy supply – our society strongly depends on well-functioning infrastructure. Its design has a long term impact, is expensive and its decisions are often almost irreversible.
    Mathematics plays a key role in handling the complexity and optimization of such networks – and Matheon develops mathematical tools for it.
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  • Matheon makes maths for...

    Optical Technologies

    The great challenges of our modern world lie in the areas health, environment, energy, production or safety. A key factor for scientific advances and innovations in these areas is the generation and manipulation of photons, for example for data transmission, high-resolution microscopy or the processing of industrial materials. Matheon helps to understand and shape the complex new phenomena associated with it.
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  • Matheon makes maths for...

    Sustainable Energies

    The German Energiewende requires big efforts in developping reliable, efficient and cost-effective systems of regenerative energy supply, not to forget energy efficiency as a whole. Matheon finds solutions for multiple optimization problems in energy distribution, material development and usage, and production processes.
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  • Matheon makes maths for...

    Geometric Design and Visualization

    There is a growing demand for visualization of complex data – e.g. in medical imaging, production processes or even in mathematics itself.
    Matheon develops fundamentally new mathematical concepts and geometric algorithms to foster image processing, computer graphics – or simply a better understanding of mathematical correlations
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  • Matheon makes maths for...

    Education and Outreach

    Mathematics is more and more present in everyday life. But when it comes to the public's awareness of it and the way mathematics is taught at schools, there is still improvement needed. Matheon initiates closer cooperation between schools and universities, is engaged in teachers' education, and offers a broad spectrum of activities to communicate the exciting and application-driven aspects of mathematics.
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The mission of Matheon is application driven mathematics.

Our scientists develop new methods in modeling, simulation, and optimization for real world processes in all key technology areas. The research covers projects in the areas Clinical Research and Health Care, Metropolitan Infrastructure, Optical Technologies, Sustainable Energies, as well as Geometric Design and Visualization. New methodologies are developed in interdisciplinary cooperation with project partners from industry, economy and science.
Matheon also cooperates with schools and the general public to raise public awareness in the wide applicability of mathematics and to attract new generations of young researchers.

Matheon is a joint research center of the three Berlin universities (Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin) and the mathematical research institutes WIAS (Weierstraß-Institut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik) and ZIB (Zuse Institut Berlin).

Research in Matheon is currently supported by the Einstein Foundation Berlin via the Einstein Center ECMath.

Number of the week

For the 14th time since 2004, the digital Matheon advent calendar goes live on 1. December, 4 pm. You can register under www.mathekalender.de. Further information can be found here.
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14:00 CET
ECMath Colloquium
Three talks with the topic:
"Nonsmooth problems: Theory and Applications"
HU Berlin, Senatssaal, Hauptgebäude
Further Information.


14:00 CET
Award Ceremony Math Calendars
Audimax, TU Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin

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All the best for 2018!

Matheon wishes a good start into a healthy, happy and successful New Year 2018!

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Adventszeit ist Mathe-Zeit:
Start des digitalen Matheon-Kalenders

Wo andere mit Schokolade locken, verführt das Matheon – na klar: mit Mathematik! Am 1. Dezember um 16 Uhr kann das erste Türchen des diesjährigen Matheon-Adventskalenders geöffnet werden. Damit startet der digitale Mathe-Wettbewerb des Berliner Forschungszentrums in die 14. Runde. In 24 weihnachtlich verpackten Aufgaben bietet er SchülerInnen ab der 10. Klasse und allen Interessierten mathematische Leckerbissen jenseits der alltäglichen Schulkost. In diesem Jahr stehen die Mathe-Adventskalender unter der Schirmherrschaft von Bundesbildungsministerin Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka. read more »

ERC-Grant for Matheon scientist Frank Noé

Simulating the binding processes of individual molecules and whole cells is the goal of the research work of Prof. Frank Noé, FU Berlin and Research Center Matheon, which is now funded with an ERC Consolidator Grant. As part of ‘ScaleCell’ he will continue his successful work from the ERC Starting Grant ‘pcCell’. Noé combines methods from mathematics, physics and computer science and will work with his team on developing and applying innovative methods in the field of machine learning. read more »

Berliner Wissenschaftspreis for Günter M. Ziegler

In a ceremony in the Berlin Town Hall, Berlin's Governing Mayor and Senator for Science and Research, Michael Müller, awarded the 2017 Berliner Wissenschaftspreis to Günter M. Ziegler, Professor at the FU Berlin, spokesman for the BMS and one of the leading minds of the Matheon. Müller thus honored an "excellent mathematician and impressive communicator". He awarded the Nachwuchspreis to Dr. Myfanwy Evans from the Institute of Mathematics of the TU Berlin. read more »