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Selected recent publications

  • Klaus Jäger, Grit Köppel, Martin Hammerschmidt, Sven Burger, and Christiane Becker. On accurate simulations of thin-film solar cells with a thick glass superstrate. Opt. Express, 26(2):A99-A107, 2018.
  • L. Adam, M. Hintermüller, and T. M. Surowiec. A PDE-constrained optimization approach for topology optimization of strained photonic devices. WIAS preprint, 2377:1-29, 2017.
  • S. Pickartz, U. Bandelow, and S. Amiranashvili. Asymptotically stable compensation of the soliton self-frequency shift. Opt. Lett., 42(7):1416–1419, 2017.
  • Klaus Jäger, Grit Köppel, David Eisenhauer, Duote Chen, Martin Hammerschmidt, Sven Burger, and Christiane Becker. Optical simulations of advanced light management for liquid-phase crystallized silicon thin-film solar cells. Proc. SPIE, 10356:103560F, 2017.
  • Carlo Barth, Sebastian Roder, Daniel Brodoceanu, Tobias Kraus, Martin Hammerschmidt, Sven Burger, and Christiane Becker. Increased fluorescence of PbS quantum dots in photonic crystals by excitation enhancement. Appl. Phys. Lett., 111(3):031111, 2017.
  • Martin Hammerschmidt, Sandra Döpking, Sven Burger and Sebastian Matera. Field Heterogeneities and their Impact on Photocatalysis: Combining optical and kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations on the Nanoscale. ZIB-Report:17-20, 2017.
  • D. Peschka, N. Rotundo, and M. Thomas. Towards doping optimization of semiconductor lasers. Journal of Computational and Theoretical Transport. 24th International Conference on Transport Theory, 45(5):410-423, 2016.
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  • S. Pickartz, U. Bandelow, and S. Amiranashvili. Adiabatic theory of solitons fed by dispersive waves. Phys. Rev. A, 94(3):033811, 2016.
  • Philipp Gutsche, Raquel Mäusle, and Sven Burger. Locally Enhanced and Tunable Optical Chirality in Helical Metamaterials. Photonics, 3(4):60, 2016.
  • Lisa V. Poulikakos, Philipp Gutsche, Kevin M. McPeak, Sven Burger, Jens Niegemann, Christian Hafner, and David J. Norris. Optical Chirality Flux as a Useful Far-Field Probe of Chiral Near Fields. ACS Photonics, 3(9):1619–1625, 2016.
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  • Carlo Barth, Jürgen Probst, Sven Herrmann, Martin Hammerschmidt, and Christiane Becker. Numerical characterization of symmetry properties for photonic crystals with hexagonal lattice. Proc. SPIE, 9885:988506, 2016.
  • Klaus Jäger, Carlo Barth, Martin Hammerschmidt, Sven Herrmann, Sven Burger, Frank Schmidt, and Christiane Becker. Simulations of sinusoidal nanotextures for coupling light into c-Si thin-film solar cells. Opt. Express, 24(6):A569-A580, 2016.
  • Martin Hammerschmidt, Sven Herrmann, Sven Burger, Jan Pomplun, and Frank Schmidt. Reduced basis method for the electromagnetic scattering problem: a case study for FinFETs. Opt Quant Electron, 48(4):250, 2016.
  • Martin Hammerschmidt, Carlo Barth, Jan Pomplun, Sven Burger, Christiane Becker, and Frank Schmidt. Reconstruction of photonic crystal geometries using a reduced basis method for nonlinear outputs. Proc. SPIE, 9756:97561R, 2016.
  • Martin Hammerschmidt, Sven Herrmann, Jan Pomplun, Sven Burger and Frank Schmidt. Model order reduction for the time-harmonic Maxwell equation applied to complex nanostructures. Proc. SPIE, 9742:97420M, 2016.
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