Number of the week


  • π

    2018-03-14 (Week 11)

    π Happy Pi-Day! On 03/14, math-freaks celebrate Pi-Day. More about Pi and Pi-Day can be found here.
    March 14 2018 is also the 139th Birthday of Albert Einstein. And Stephen Hawking died.

  • 130

    2018-03-07 (Week 10)

    130 years Urania Berlin - Happy Birthday! Matheon is closely connected to this special and pioneering place of science communication. For example, we invite pupils and the public for our next MathInside talks on march 13th.

  • 200

    2018-03-02 (Week 09)

    200 phd theses, at least, have been finished at Matheon.

  • 4

    2018-02-19 (Week 08)

    4 percent cost savings for the Municipal Transport Services “Verkehrsbetriebe Potsdam” - thanks to a Matheon-optimized urban transport plan. More Information.

  • 1300

    2018-01-29 (Week 05)

    1300 up to 1600 K is the temperature range in the heart of a furnace used to produce high-purity single crystals for semiconductor chips. Matheon researchers have created a virtual model for the furnace and the crystal growth. More information here.