• Matheathlon in Kenia

    In 2015, the German School in Nairobi, Kenya, organized its first Matheathlon. Even under the sun of Africa, the children enjoy the combination of athletics and arithmetics.

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  • What’sMath?

    Pizza bestellt und sie kommt und kommt nicht? Matheon-Forscher Max Klimm zeigt in einem Video am Beispiel eines Pizza-Lieferservice, welche Gedanken man sichbei der Optimierung von Verkehr und Logistik machen kann.

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  • Lehrerfortbildung

    In Kooperation mit dem Deutschen Zentrum für Lehrerbildung Mathematik (DZLM) engagiert sich das Matheon auch in der Lehrerfortbildung.

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Matheon for schools

The contact with pupils as well as teachers has been one of the important concerns of Matheon from the beginning. With numerous activities, we would like to introduce them to the exciting diversity of mathematics and to provide insights into the latest research. For mathematics does not always mean only swotting, is not only abstract or even dusty.

Mathematics is at the heart of life, indispensable, intuitive and fascinating; and mathematics is fun.

Our scientists are involved in a variety of ways, not without self-interest. Because at school the foundations are laid for a deeper interest in mathematics and thus also for a qualified next generation of students and scientist.

The "Matheon Advent Calendar" is a great success every year. It offers illustrative do-it-yourself mathematics: between the 1st and 24th of December, each day a virtual door opens with a mathematical task. Meanwhile also in England and the Netherlands. Attractive prizes will be raffled among the successful participants.

Under the motto "Mathematics is everywhere", Matheon members present the appealing and application-oriented aspects of mathematics and their own research. Their lecture series takes place at Urania in Berlin three times each school year, and mainly addresses upper-level pupils.

"Matheathlon" takes place under the motto "Athletics and Arithmetics". Schools and clubs can book this mixture of footrace and calculation competition free of charge.

With "What's Math got to do with it?", our scientists are now offering free-to-use, open-ended educational materials for various application fields of Matheon mathematics. This includes short videos for motivation as well as worksheets with solutions.

In addition, the Research Center is also involved – in cooperation with the German Centre for Mathematics Teacher Education (DZLM) – in the fields of teacher training and further education, gifted education and the development of teaching and learning materials.

A part of our web content on school activities is only available in German.

If you are interested in our events, or if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.