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School activities

Inspiring young people for mathematics is one important goal of Matheon. Therefore, we are organizing diverse activities for schools and the public in order to show that mathematics is not necessarily dry, outmoded and abstract: Math can be vivid, up-to-date and concrete - and most important - math can mean real fun!

Matheon Kalender - Each day from December 1 to 24, at 18 o'clock sharp a virtual door opens on our website, presenting a tricky new mathematical problem which young people are invited to solve online. Last year, we were happy to count more than 9000 pupils and also adults from all over the world as participants

Rent the Center - We bring current mathematical research topics into your schools: On request, Matheon scientists will give a lesson on their research topics, presented in a way appropriate to the respective class level. We will show that not all problems are already solved or to be found in educational books, but instead that mathematics is a vivid and creative science always full of new and fascinating developments.

Unter dem Motto MathInside - Urania - Under the slogan "Math is everywhere" scientists from Matheon use a series of lectures entitled "MathInside" to show how versatile and useful math can be. After all, modern mobile phones, cars, medical equipment, public transport and stock exchanges are nowadays also based on many mathematical methods. The lectures take place in Urania Berlin and are primarily addressed towards older pupils, but are of course open to everybody.

Training for Teachers - Matheon members are also involved in the project "Doing math differently", which is supported by the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung and the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung. The core intention is to establish a nation-wide skill enhancement initiative for mathematics teachers.

Mit "What's Math got to do with it?" bieten unsere Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler nun auch frei nutzbare, offene Bildungsmaterialien zu verschiedenen Anwendungsgebieten der Mathematik an. Mit dabei: kurze Videos zur Motivation, sowie Arbeitsblätter mit Lösungen.

A part of our web content on school activities is only available in German, but if you are interested in further information please do not hesitate to contact us:

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