Dr. Yann Disser


Projects as a project leader

  • MI-AP1

    Competitive Exploration of Large Networks

    Dr. Yann Disser / Prof. Dr. Max Klimm

    Project heads: Dr. Yann Disser / Prof. Dr. Max Klimm
    Project members: -
    Duration: 01.06.2014 - 31.05.2017
    Status: completed
    Located at: Technische Universität Berlin


    The goal of this project is to deepen the understanding of algorithms that operate on very large networks and the dynamics that arise from the competition or cooperation between such algorithms. To achieve this goal, we want to combine models and techniques from the areas of graph exploration and algorithmic game theory. To date, the literature in these areas is mostly disjoint. By closing this gap, we hope to develop new insights into the important algorithmic and economic challenges faced in large networks, most prominently in those that are part of the Internet.