Dr. Martin Hammerschmidt


Zuse Institut Berlin
Takustrasse 7
14195 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 84185149

Research focus

Numerics of Maxwell's equation
Finite element methods
Model order reduction techniques
Optimisation of PDE constrained problems

Projects as a member

  • SE6

    Plasmonic concepts for solar fuel generation

    Prof. Dr. Rupert Klein / Prof. Dr. Frank Schmidt

    Project heads: Prof. Dr. Rupert Klein / Prof. Dr. Frank Schmidt
    Project members: Dr. Sven Burger / Dr. Martin Hammerschmidt
    Duration: -
    Status: completed
    Located at: Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin


    Artificial photosynthesis and water splitting, i.e. the sustainable production of chemical fuels like hydrogen and carbohydrates from water and carbon dioxide, has the potential to store the abundance of solar energy that reaches the earth in chemical bonds. Fundamental in this process is the conversion of electromagnetic energy. In photoelectrochemical water splitting semiconductor materials are employed to generate electron hole pairs with sufficient energy to drive the electrochemical reactions. In this project we investigate the use of metallic nanoparticles to excite plasmonic resonances by means of numerical simulations. These resonances localize electromagnetic nearfields which is beneficial for the electrochemical reactions. We develop electromagnetic models and numerical methods to facilite in depth analysis of these processes in close contact with our collaboration partners within the ECMath and the joint lab ``Berlin Joint Lab for Optical Simulation for renewable Energy research'' (BerOSE) between the ZIB, FU and HZB.


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