PD Dr. Annegret Glitzky

Project head SE2 'Electrothermal modeling of large-area organic LEDs'

Mitarbeiterin der Forschungsgruppe 'Partielle Differentialgleichungen' am Weierstraß-Institut (WIAS)
Mohrenstr. 39
10117 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 20372 568

Research focus

Nonlinear partial differential equations
Numerical analysis
Modeling of semiconductor devices

Projects as a project leader

  • SE2

    Electrothermal modeling of large-area OLEDs

    PD Dr. Annegret Glitzky / Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke

    Project heads: PD Dr. Annegret Glitzky / Prof. Dr. Alexander Mielke
    Project members: Dr. Matthias Liero
    Duration: -
    Status: running
    Located at: Weierstraß-Institut


    The aim of the project D-SE2 is to find adequate spatially resolved PDE models for the electrothermal description of organic semiconductor devices describing self-heating and thermal switching phenomena. Moreover, the project intends to investigate their analytical properties, derive suitable numerical approximation schemes, and provide simulation results which can help to optimize large-area organic light emitting diodes.
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