Dr. M. Wolfrum


Projects as a project leader

  • OT2

    Turbulence and extreme events in non-linear optics

    PD Dr. Uwe Bandelow / Dr. M. Wolfrum

    Project heads: PD Dr. Uwe Bandelow / Dr. M. Wolfrum
    Project members: Dr Shalva Amiranashvili
    Duration: -
    Status: completed
    Located at: Weierstraß-Institut


    Many modern photonic devices show complex dynamical features in space and time resulting from optical nonlinearities in active, often nanostructured materials. The project is focussed specifically on high-dimensional dynamical regimes in optoelectronic systems. Such a complex spatio-temporal behavior, in which nearly all modes are excited, is characterized by the fact that, in contrast to e.g. solitons or pulsations, it cannot be reduced to a low-dimensional description in terms of classical bifurcation theory. This so-called optical turbulence can be observed both in a Hamiltonian and in a dissipative context. A mathematical treatment of the resulting multi-scale and multi-physics problems presents major challenges for modelling, numerical, and analytical investigations. A simulation of the mostly 2+1 dimensional PDE-systems requires efficient parallelization strategies, instability mechanisms can be described only in terms of amplitude equations, and multi-scale effects in complex device structures can lead to singularly perturbed dynamical problems.