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Matheon Transfer Workshops

Matheon organizes two types of transfer workshops:

"The general type": The goal of these workshops is to bring together people from industry and from Matheon in order to explore possible fields of cooperation by learning more about each others R&D activities and expertise.

"The specific type": During these workshops Matheon scientists (and possibly appropriate external experts) explore within several days new solution approaches to concrete R&D problems, which have been defined beforehand by the participants.

We respect that innovative companies are obliged to maintain certain levels of nondisclosure and we are guaranteeing the necessary confidentiality.

Matheon Transfer Seminars

Matheon scientists present the scientific state of the art with respect to select R&D topics in a "user-friendly" manner. If you are interested in a seminar to a specific issue, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to find out if a corresponding event can be organized.

Matheon at Fairs and Expositions

We are regularly present at selected fairs and expositions in order to keep up to date with respect to the latest application trends and developments. And we present our own expertise and latest developments. You can find us e.g. on CeBit, Hanover Messe or Biotechnica.

Matheon scientists Alexander Bujotzek, Dr. Marcus Weber and Valentin Ziegler at the Biotechnica.



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