Math Competition of Matheon research center - now in English!

For over 10 years the Matheon research center has been challenging students with its online math competition “Matheon-Kalender“.

This year the competition is offered in three languages: German, Dutch and – that’s new – in English! Between November 1st and December 31st anyone can sign up for free at
br> The idea of the “Matheon-Kalender“: Solve a new math problem online each day between the 1st and the 24th of December. The 24 math exercises may be solved until December 31st. Students from High School, College, teachers and everyone that is interested in math is invited to participate in the contest.

Each year in December, scientists of the Matheon research center (Germany) and the 3TU.AMI (Netherlands) create puzzles and brain-teasers for participants from over 50 different countries. The calendar enjoyed great popularity in German-speaking countries for many years already. The two lower levels of the contest – provided (in German only) by the German Mathematical Society – attract 150.000 participants each season. The Dutch version is also well established thanks to our cooperation partners of 3TU.AMI.

With a little bit of luck any participant has the chance to win something, even if not all questions are answered correctly. More details can be found on our website. Don´t miss the amazing experience of solving math problems that show „Math is more than calculus!“. Register in November, riddle in December and win in January!

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Public Relations
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