Number of the week


  • 14

    2017-11-27 (Week 48)

    14 For the 14th time since 2004, the digital Matheon advent calendar goes live on 1. December, 4 pm. You can register under Further information can be found here.

  • 15

    2017-11-13 (Week 46)

    15 years of trend-setting mathematics research across borders - this is celebrated at Matheon this week. Read the success story here.

  • 5

    2017-11-07 (Week 45)

    5 different types of cancer can be recognized by an algorithm developed at Matheon. It processes data from the mass spectrometric analysis of a blood drop and tracks characteristic patterns in it. More information

  • 25

    2017-09-29 (Week 39)

    25 percent lower waiting times for ships on their 100km-long passage through the Kiel Canal - thanks to Matheon optimization. More information.

  • 3.595

    2017-06-26 (Week 26)

    3.595 Maths fans have attended the House of Mathematics for the Long Night of Science. Many of them joined the Matheon gimmicks.