Number of the week


  • 15

    2017-11-13 (Week 46)

    15 years of trend-setting mathematics research across borders - this is celebrated at Matheon this week. Read the success story here.

  • 5

    2017-11-07 (Week 45)

    5 different types of cancer can be recognized by an algorithm developed at Matheon. It processes data from the mass spectrometric analysis of a blood drop and tracks characteristic patterns in it. More information

  • 25

    2017-09-29 (Week 39)

    25 percent lower waiting times for ships on their 100km-long passage through the Kiel Canal - thanks to Matheon optimization. More information.

  • 3.595

    2017-06-26 (Week 26)

    3.595 Maths fans have attended the House of Mathematics for the Long Night of Science. Many of them joined the Matheon gimmicks.

  • 136

    2017-04-05 (Week 14)

    136 is the house number of the Matheon office on Straße des 17. Juni in Berlin. Here, in the math building of the TU Berlin, is the organizational heart of the research center located.